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In other words, a VTC driver in France must make a reservation beforehand in order to pick up a client. Since he cannot park, cannot circulate in search of customers, and cannot be hailed by a customer in the street. The immediate pick-up on the public road is strictly reserved for cabs.

A VTC must have an average of 4 to 9 seats, including the driver. It must also display a mandatory badge that must be affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle.

It can neither park nor circulate on the public highway in search of customers, nor be hailed by a customer in the street. Cabs are allowed to pick up passengers immediately on the public highway.

A VTC must have between 4 and 9 seats, including the driver, and be less than 6 years old. It must also display a mandatory sticker (new sticker as of September 1, 2017) that must be affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle.

The Thévenoud law regulates access to the profession: following a training course, passing the exam to be a driver, obtaining the VTC professional card, registering one’s legal structure in the register.
Moreover, having a car insurance for the activity of transporting people is compulsory as well as having the certificate for the vehicle itself.

The vehicle of transport must respect some rules, if it is not hybrid or electric,

The vehicle of tourism must :

Have a minimum power of 84kW,
Have a capacity of 4 to 9 seats,
Have a length of more than 4.5 meters, width of 1.7 meters and minimum 4 doors,
Be less than 6 years old,
Have an annual technical inspection.
It must be renewed every 5 years. It is also necessary, of course, to have a driving license.

The invoicing for the VTC
The VAT rate that applies to drivers depends on their pricing method. If the driver has hourly transport formulas, whatever the distance of the trip, for example 50€/hour, whether for 4 kilometers or 40 kilometers, he/she must invoice with a VAT rate of 20%.

On the other hand, if the driver calculates his price according to the distance of the trip, he can invoice with a 10% rate (reduced rate for passenger transport activities).

The recovery of the VAT depends on the legal status of the company and its tax system. We advise you to ask a chartered accountant to be sure of the VAT rate you will have to use.

How to estimate and compare the prices of your trips with your VTC driver ?
The prices are fixed and announced during your reservation. You know the price of the trip before departure and it does not change.
Forget about additional costs such as approach fees or luggage: with KiroTravel it’s included!
In case of traffic jam, the price does not change, the rate is calculated on the distance covered and not on the time of the trip.

The VTC driver is paid per trip, per reservation. The price is free for each VTC driver in the field, unlike cab drivers, who are fixed by decree.
The price of a trip with a VTC driver can be fixed or determined before the start of the trip or calculated after the trip according to the time and distance.

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